Good Day Good People!

I am honored to serve as the newly elected Director of Formation for Most Holy Name Fraternity and thank our Fraternity members for their confidence in my abilities to serve in this capacity. I want to extend my thanks to Joe Wilson who served previously as Director of Formation for our Fraternity. Joe was instrumental in the updating of the current formation process for our fraternity, using various Franciscan Formation resources and utilizing the 2011 “For Up To Now (F.U.N.)” formation manual in all sessions. Joe also oversaw the formation process leading to the Profession in the Secular Order of two of our current members. Jim and Betsy.

Currently we have two other members in formation at this time, Fr. John and Matt. I welcome the opportunity to participate more directly in their formation process leading (hopefully) to Profession in the Secular Franciscan Order. I wish to thank Ron Pihokker for his assistance with the formation sessions of Fr. John and Matt up to this point as well.

Here is a brief explanation of the overall formation process: (taken from the F.U.N. Manual)

  • Formation seeks to nurture the personal relationship one has with Christ. Franciscan formation seeks to facilitate growth in that relationship with an ongoing awareness of how persons share in the charism of Francis and Clare, so that the life of a Franciscan in today’s world might conform more and more to the example of the Holy Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Formation helps the Inquirer and the Candidate to acquire the knowledge and experience to interiorize the Secular Franciscan Gospel life.
  • The end of formation is conversion, not just knowledge – the goal being personal union with the Lord Jesus in the tradition and spirituality of the Franciscan family.

Thanks again for your ongoing support of our fraternity, our formation process and especially your prayers and support for all our fraternity members participating in ongoing formation, during fraternity gatherings and apart from fraternity gatherings. May the Lord through the intercession of both Francis and Clare guide our efforts and desire to live our calling as Secular Franciscans one day at a time for the rest of our lives.

Finally, I have provided a link to a recent article from “St. Anthony Messenger” on “St. Clare of Assisi, Radical Saint, Radical Faith,” by Ilia Delio, OFS.

Sincerely yours in prayer,

Fr. Samuel Monaco, OFS

Director of Formation



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