From the Minister


Dear Sisters and Brothers:

Thank you again for your trust and support and allowing me the honor of serving you as your minister for the upcoming term.  September brings about many changes, schools reopen, leaves begin to change, weather starts getting cooler.  It also ushers in a new season of thankfulness.  We look around and see the glorious colors that nature puts before us (especially here in the northeast).  But we don’t just look for those colors in nature, they are in the bright eyes of a child that receives a new backpack for school, or the smile on the face of a young man who just won his Special Olympics Tennis match.  We look at the vibrant hands of a woman holding her first great-grandchild, or the sweat on the brow of a man building a home for his family.

All of these are small miracles that we encounter every day.  Do you notice the 4 year old on his hands and knees studying the movements of ants on the sidewalk?  Or do we grumble and complain that someone left their “rug-rat” cluttering up the sidewalk?  Let’s try looking at life the way Francis did, through the eyes of Christ.  Let us dance in the rain or catch snow flakes on our tongue.  Let us laugh at ourselves and embrace those in pain, let us live daringly before God.

In September we celebrate the Birth of Mary (8), Our Lady of Sorrows (15), Roberta LaGassic’s birthday (18), and the feast of the Archangels (29).  This month also brings us the Anniversary of the Most Holy Name Fraternity, established September 19, 1926.  So happy anniversary to all.

Next Fraternity Meeting – Sept. 10,  Council Meeting – Sept. 17

Peace and All Good,

Joe Wickham, ofs





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