From the Minister


Dear Sisters and Brothers:

In this month of August our Fraternity gathers for it’s Council Elections which will take place on August 6th. Our last election took place in 2015. Council members are elected to serve for three years in their office. Eligible members for a Council position must be a professed member of the Secular Order for at least three years. Members can be re-elected to their office position for a second term of three years as well. In order to be elected to a third term, members must receive a 2/3 majority vote on the first ballot. We welcome our regional minister Diane Menditto, who will oversee the election process at the August 6th gathering. Please pray for the success of this process and for those nominated for all Council positions. We can’t thank them enough for offering to serve our Fraternity in this humble yet generous way.

In addition, we also celebrate the Transfiguration of the Lord on August 6th and the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary as a Holy Day of Obligation on the 15th.

During the month of August, Pope Francis asks us to keep his prayer intention in mind: Universal – The Treasure of Families. “That any far-reaching decisions of economists and politicians may protect the family as one of the treasures of humanity.” 

Below are some reflective words for the month of August from Fr. Pat McCloskey, OFM from his book: “Peace and Good: Through the Year With St. Francis of Assisi.”

“Jesus told his apostles that they must travel light – both in physical goods and in the attitudes they bring to the people whom they encounter. When the Good News of Jesus stops stretching us, then it is no longer the Good News but has become a more subtle method of social or political advancement. Francis understood well that poverty and simplicity were virtues essential to those who seek to do the work of God (pg. 234).” 

In this Month of August, we also acknowledge the birthdays of the following members of our Fraternity: Lynda Hade on the 7th, Dennis Gallagher on the 18th.

In this Month of August, we also acknowledge the Religious Profession Anniversary of our Spiritual Assistant: Sr. Janice Jolin, S.M.I.C. on 8/14/1966.

Finally, I wish to thank you for all your support and prayers during my term as Minister for the last six years. I also want to wish all of you, along with your families a Blessed summer month of August.

I promise to remember you and your loved ones in prayer and at Mass. Thank you for all your prayers and support of our Council and Fraternity. May Our Lord grant you his peace.

With prayers and warm regards,

Fr. Sam Monaco, ofs (Minister 2012 – 2018)

Formation Director



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